Metairie Rd. the latest victims in vehicle smash and grabs

Metairie Rd. the latest victims of vehicle smash and grabs

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Several Old Metairie residents woke up to find broken glass and stolen items and many we spoke to say they were able to actually catch the suspects on their home cameras.

In the surveillance video you can see what looks like an SUV pull up beside multiple vehicles. There is also one person who gets out and begins breaking the windows and rummaging through them.

There is also a separate shot where the same vehicle pulls up to a white truck.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Office says over 20 vehicles were burglarized in Metairie overnight.

Residents say this is the first time they have seen car break-ins like this in Old Metairie and they hope those responsible are brought to justice very soon.

While many say little to nothing was stolen, one victim says the suspect made off with their gun.

“I mean, I had a really expensive pair of sunglasses in there. They took a gun out of my car. That was all they took,” says Christian Villafranco. “I had a box of Remington ammunition on the ground right there. They didn’t even take that. They must have hurried up, broke into the car, took the gun and left.”

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office says they are working with other jurisdictions in connection to some similar car breakins that happened overnight.

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