NOPD: 14 vehicles broken into on Louisiana Ave.

NOPD: 14 vehicles broken into on Louisiana Ave.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The NOPD says 14 vehicles were broken into on Louisiana Avenue overnight.

Residents say they woke up to neighbors banging on their doors to alert them of the burglary.

One resident in the 800 block of Louisiana Avenue says she woke up Friday morning to her neighbor banging on her door letting her know that her vehicles were smashed in.

A nearby window repair shop assisted people in repairing their vehicles.

One woman says she had to take her daughter to an appointment in Covington and had to go.

“My daughter had an audition in Covington so I had to actually drive over the lake with my window busted,” says Caycee Francis.

She added that she had loose change and her daughter’s violin inside of the vehicle during the smash and grab but she says nothing was taken.

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