City of New Orleans release guidelines for restaurants and bars as coronavirus cases rise

City of New Orleans release guidelines for restaurants and bars as coronavirus cases rise
NOPD disperses people in large crowd due to coronavirus concerns (Source: Fox 8)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The City of New Orleans issued new guidelines for restaurants and bars around the city.

They include the following:

• All full-service restaurants with seating must cease operations at 9 p.m. daily.

The restaurants will limit seating capacity for social distancing by removing tables/chairs or using a checkerboard type seating pattern to provide more guest spacing. The goal is to reduce seating by up to 50 percent, according to the city.

Employers will continue to monitor employees and ask employees to regularly take their own temperature. As supplies allow, employers will also assist. This goes for beverage/bar servers. They will also continue to post signs for enhanced cleaning processes and how to maintain good health.

• Once the dining room closes, a restaurant can still offer delivery until its usual closing time. The quick-service or fast-casual establishments can only offer “drive-thru” service but can be extended to 24 hours if they so choose.

• Bars and nightclubs will stop service at 12 a.m. daily, limit their capacity to up to 50 percent of posted patron limit. Also, last call will be at 11:15 p.m. and everyone must be out and headed home by 12 a.m.

• Hotel operations will adhere to above operating times for their restaurants and bar operations as well as limiting capacity.

• Operators will post a notice to patrons that when they depart to consider returning home.

• Operators will not allow gathering while waiting for seating or access purposes. They will implement the use of text messaging to advise if the table is ready.

• Operators will encourage no public gatherings in any area.

• Tour groups will be limited to groups of no more than seven at a time.

The city also announced that NOPD will adhere to strict enforcement of bans on loitering throughout the streets of New Orleans, including the French Quarter.

This comes after NOPD broke up large crowds of people throughout Bourbon Street and the Irish Channel on Saturday, March 15.

The CDC has also released information in an attempt to diminish the rising cases of coronavirus in the United States.

They advise that event organizers cancel or postpone events with more than 50 people until at least Sunday, May 10.

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