Magazine St. businesses work to adapt to COVID-19 regulations

Magazine St. businesses work to adapt to COVID-19 regulations

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - New Orleans leaders say that closures due to the Coronavirus impacts about 45,000 hospitality employees.

Restaurants are trying to the adapt but they say she’s already had to let people go.

At Slim Goodies on Magazine Street, they’re feeling the impact of the closures. Owner Deborah Schumacher says she had to let 17 people go. But she is hoping that it is just temporary.

Right now, she only has five employees and is trying to do the best she can to keep them busy. They are working their new curbside pickup and delivery. It’s something several restaurants in the metro area are doing to stay afloat.

In response to the COVID-19 virus, City leaders are waving all fines, fees, interests and penalties due to the city.

Mayor Latoya Cantrell says it will directly impact the City’s operating budget but she says it is necessary to keep businesses open.

The administration will cut costs wherever possible to ensure the basic city services like public safety and drainage can be provided.

Slim Goodies’ owner says it will help in the short term.

“As an employer, I have the ability to recover the economy. On the other side, and if I can’t survive this I can’t help recover the economy and it’s sort of a snowball rolling than the hill. It’s going to get worse for small businesses. It’s going to get worse for big business,” says Schumacher.

Since the City won’t take February sales tax payments, there is a possibility that government employees could face layoffs but as a last resort.

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