FDA warns public of fake COVID-19 testing kits, treatment drugs

FDA warns public of fake COVID-19 testing kits, treatment drugs
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning people about scammers trying to sell unproven and illegally marketed COVID-19 testing kits and medications.

Some of these products claim to treat, cure, or prevent COVID-19. The FDA says they have not been evaluated for safety or effectiveness and could be dangerous.

The FDA says because COVID-19 is new and has not been seen in humans before now, there are currently no drugs to treat the virus, or vaccines to prevent it, that have been approved by the FDA. The only way to be tested for COVID-19 is to speak with a healthcare provider.

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  • Consumers and health professionals should be cautious of websites and stores selling products that claim to prevent, treat, or cure COVID-19
  • Do not take any form of chloroquine unless it has been prescribed for you by your healthcare provider and obtained from legitimate sources
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines and speak to your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will advise you about whether you should get tested and the process for being tested in your area.

Anyone who suspects fraud related to COVID-19 should report it to the FDA’s Health Fraud Program or the Office of Criminal Investigations.

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