Northshore helping people who are going hungry during pandemic

Northshore helping people who are going hungry during pandemic
Volunteers work to feed people on the Northshore during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - People In need in St. Tammany Parish are eager for any help that might come their way under the coronavirus relief bill. Many are going hungry and say things are not getting any better.

At Mandeville’s Hosanna Lutheran Church, the kitchen was alive Wednesday (March 25) with activity as volunteers work to prepare meals for dozens of hungry people in St. Tammany Parish and they say the list is getting longer.

“What I see is a lot of people panicking over a situation that really drastic,” said relief leader Pam McKay, who took to the kitchen to help feed dozens of people who have lost their jobs due to coronavirus virus.

“I met Pam and she was working out of this tiny kitchen and i said hosanna has a kitchen let’s work together,” said Pastor Jay Grave.

For Slidell’s Floyd Williams, the relief couldn’t come at a better time. He says he had nowhere else to turn.

“What an angel, she’s risking her life to go out and feed strangers,” said Williams.

The kitchen crew at Hosanna says they are prepared to do more in the future and they say if you would like to help you can reach out to their Facebook page.

Hosanna church says contact them if you would like to volunteer.

If you want to donate to the food relief effort you can go to Pam McKay’s Facebook page called God‘s Unchanging Hands. Catholic Charities is also assisting in food relief in the area.

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