Real Estate industry makes adjustments during coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus affect on Real Estate

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Real estate agent Amanda Hanemann says the coronavirus pandemic is changing the way realtors and their clients do business.

“They’re saying they’re quarantining and they don’t want anybody in their house. They don’t want anybody touching their things. They don’t want to leave their home for inspections or for property showings,” Hanemann said.

Hanemann is also president of the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors. She says those inspections and showings are still happening. But, in a safer way.

“We have shifted to more of a virtual market,” Hanemann said.

Another local realtor we talked to agrees.

“Today, I showed a property by Facetime,” said realtor Erin Rotolo. “Nobody wants to be around anyone too closely. So, title companies are keeping people at bay and we’re trying to make sure we don’t have too many people in a property at one time.”

Despite the global pandemic, Rotolo says most of her clients are optimistic.

“And are following the guidelines of staying home and distancing themselves as much as possible and are feeling, that hopefully by everyone behaving the way we have been behaving for the last 8 days, we’re flattening the curve,” Rotolo said.

Hanemann adds business is still moving but the industry is certainly having to adjust.

“We still see listings, people are listing their property. We still see agents that are bringing in contracts. So, we don’t see a halt in the real estate market but we are seeing little hiccups here and there,” Hanemann said.

Her advice to both buyers and sellers right now is to contact your real estate professional so they can make sure everything moves smoothly during this time.

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