State hospitals prepare to be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients

State hospitals prepare to be overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Officials say next week, the state’s hospital system could be overwhelmed. It is something the state is not taking lightly and state leaders are planning for now for what is coming.

Dr. Joseph Kanter of the Louisiana Department of Health says we could see 3000 to 4000 more COVID-19 patients enter the hospital system. Those will be people who need medical attention to get through the virus.

Right now, officials say the plane is to first fill up the hospitals what have already added ICU beds throughout their facilities. The next step would be to use the other facilities in the hospital system, like long-term care facilities and surgical centers. If those beds become full, the Morial Convention Center will then open and the state is right now working to prepare for that.

“Beds are being brought in, staff is being brought in. Engineer modifications are happening to the building itself,” says Kanter. “This is an extraordinary massive undertaking and it should be a message to the public that we have not hit the peak so hold on tight, hunker down if you will and give it a little bit more time for this.”

Dr. Kanter wants the public to know that we have not seen the worse of COVID-19 so taking precautions is extremely important.

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