‘Don’t take it lightly,’: Unlikely coronavirus survivor’s story and message for others

‘Don’t take it lightly,’ Unlikely coronavirus survivor’s story and message for others

SLIDELL, La. (WVUE) - Still wearing a mask out of an abundance of caution, Yvonne Walters says she’s still trying to understand what happened the past month.

“My voice hasn’t come back 100% and I’m still a little weak and I still get a little winded,” said Yvonne Walters.

The 27-year-old nursing tech thought it was just the flu, but noticed she had trouble breathing. She said the thought of coronavirus never crossed her mind, until she went to the emergency room and doctors asked if there was someone she could call.

She was going to be emergency intubated, and eventually put under a medically induced coma.

“That is the last conversation I had with my mother,” said Yvonne.

Fox 8: “How did that go?”

“She told me to let the doctors do what they need to do,” said Yvonne.

“I just told her that I’ll speak to her again,” said Raquelle Walker.

Her mother, Raquelle remembered days after her daughter's last call, she received a second call, confirming it was coronavirus-- a fight that was complicated by her daughter's type 2 diabetes.

“I was told we were going to lose her that she was going to die,” said Raquelle.

Raquelle then leaned heavily on her faith and her family, believing she would see her daughter again.

“We just kind of went into faith mode prayer mode believe totally in God, no doubt, no wavering,” said Raquelle.

“When I was awake they said do you know where you are. I said no,” said Yvonne.

Yvonne said it was crushing to wake up alone, no one from her close-knit family was by her bedside, and she still felt weak from weeks of being on a ventilator.

“As soon as I was able to talk, I chimed I called my family, I was able to hear everyone's voices and it just made me more grateful for my family and friends and everyone who is praying for me,” said Yvonne.

While she was isolated, Yvonne said she had no idea how close her loved ones actually were.

“I feel like there's power in prayer and don't ever doubt that there is a God because I know that my mom she's the strongest woman I know and I had no idea that so many people were praying for me,” said Yvonne.

An unlikely survivor, she's thankful to be back with her loved ones, but pleading with those around her to heed the warnings and stay inside.

“People are losing their loved ones and it doesn't hit you until it hits home until it's one of your own… it’s not a game it's for real,” said Yvonne.

Yvonne does believe she contracted the virus working as a nursing tech at an area hospital.

She is now undergoing home and physical therapy as her body and her lungs continue to recover, but she says she’s feeling much better than she did before.

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