Heart of Louisiana: Louisiana Rising

Heart of Louisiana: Louisiana Rising

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Throughout the world we have seen how music is uniting communities.

Here in Louisiana, we have some of the best artists in the world who are stepping forward to share their songs with our broadcast viewers.

The program, Louisiana Rising: Songs From Home, airs for the first time Saturday.

The music is coming from front porches and backyard decks and living rooms, performed by some of Louisiana’s most talented musicians who suddenly find their life’s work shut down.

“Every gig that I’ve had was canceled or moved,” says Jonathan Long.

Long is one of many musicians whose livelihoods are now in limbo.

“You know I’m suffering for it,” says Long. “I don’t, nobody wants to be locked in their room. We all want to be social. We want to be back to life as we know it. But the only way to do that is to follow the rule.”

“It’s scary not to know when our next show is going to be,” says Samantha Fish. “We were in Belgium, you know, two weeks ago and heard the president’s statement on the TV and said everybody come home. So, we bought our tickets right then and there and you know it’s pretty disruptive. It’s definitely disappointing to not be able to complete the job.”

“We were doing three days a week there on Bourbon Street at the Crazy Corner,” says Waylon Thibodaux. “We were preparing to do some really nice shows and then it all got canceled. So it went from really bright to really dark in a hurry.”

The homebound, acoustic, raw performances will be part of a weekly half-hour television broadcast airing in several cities across the state.

“So when we reached out to a lot of the artists, they were more than happy to be part of this,” says FOX 8 General Manager Ronna Corrente. “They are sitting in their living room, sitting on the porch, sitting in a garage. Just different, different things, but it captures who they are and you get to hear some of the real music coming out from locals.”

What do you think music does for all of us at a time like this?

“We all can understand and feel music. And I think it’s something that lifts us up in a time when there’s so much darkness and distraction and everything is, you know, anxiety inducing. And I feel like music is a great release for everybody,” says Fish.

“And it really can change the way someone feels. And I’m so glad that God gave me the talent to be able to, to show people that there’s a better part of life for sure,” says Thibodaux. “The songs express our shared loneliness, or a feeling of joy, a smile and the hope that things will get better.”

“You know in times of darkness, the light will be the only thing that you can see. I just wanted to put out a positive song, a song that, you know, that was a positive message, and I think the people really need it right now,” says Long.

Louisiana Rising: Songs From Home will air on FOX 8 Saturday at 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. and again on Sunday at 1 p.m.

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