Active hurricane season expected with above-normal chance for major storms

Seasonal hurricane predictions indicate an active season could be ahead for 2020.

Zack: 2020 Hurricane Forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - In only a short two months hurricane season 2020 will begin and according to forecasters it may be an active one.

Dr. Philip Klotzbach of Colorado State University issued the first projections for the upcoming hurricane season and they are calling for an above-normal season with as many as 16 named storms possible. For reference, a normal year has about a total of 12 named storms.

Out of the 16 named storms, eight of those are expected to become hurricanes with four becoming major storms.

“We anticipate an above-average probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the continental United States coastline and in the Caribbean,” Dr. Klotzbach said in his report.

One of the main factors for the above-normal season expected is due to the water temperatures across the Atlantic Basin. Sea surface temperatures are higher than what they should be at this time of year from the Gulf through the Caribbean out into the open Atlantic.

Water temperatures
Water temperatures (Source: FOX 8 Weather)

Now those water temperatures provide the fuel for storms but the upper atmosphere must cooperate as well to see storm development. That is where El Niño and La Niña come into play. An El Niño year would create an unhealthy environment for storms to organize in the Atlantic but this year that doesn’t look to be the case. Neither an El Niño nor La Niña are expected to be prominent this hurricane season so this will be neutral year which typically allows for more storms.

As is always the case, preparation is key ahead of any storm season and all it takes is that one storm to make it a bad year.

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