Harahan council member: St. Joseph Nursing home ‘over fumigated’

St. Joseph Nursing Home

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Residents of St. Joseph’s of Harahan are back at home, Friday night, April 3, after a council member says a chemical company “over-fumigated”.

Harahan Council member Jason Asbill says Friday evening, Acadian Ambulance was transporting a patient with COVID symptoms when an EMT began vomiting. He says a cleaning company was at the nursing home at the same time and it is believed workers over-fumigated with chemicals.

Ambulances arrived to assess residents and Harahan Fire Department responded in full gear to ventilate the building.

A relative of a resident tells FOX 8 there were a number of emergency vehicles on the scene by 7:30 PM. She says she saw more than a half dozen ambulances transport patients.

Firefighters were able to clear the building of any dangerous chemicals and residents had all returned to their homes before 10 PM.

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