Slidell officers making too many ‘nuisance calls’, instates 11pm curfew

Slidell Curfew starts for 11 p.m.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - There’s a new sign on the way in to pick up a Friday fish fry plate, and there seems to be no backlash against the new 11 pm Slidell curfew.

“I hope it helps, I hope people listen to it,” Tim Ripp said

“I think we need to get that done stay home to get past this quicker,” Chris Kanaziz said.


Goodfella's seafood owner, Tiffani Puglisi says while business is slower overall, she says it significantly slows after the dinner hour an indication to her that people are going straight home.

“It’s really kind of a ghost town around that time; I think it’s a long time coming we should’ve started it sooner as far as curfews go,” Puglisi said.

But Slidell police chief Randy Fandal says it's in the late night hour when troublemakers stir. In the past 9 days, he says there were 58 incidents all after 11 pm where his officers had to make contact with another resident whether it be DUI or other nuisance calls.

“If we can cut that in half we’re gonna do a good job,” Fandal said.

Fandal says they’re lucky the virus hasn’t hit their small department. But making those points of contact, he says puts both his officers and the public at risk, a risk he says they can’t afford.

“We’re asking people to stay home, unnecessary travel is not needed at this point in time, this is something that we have not seen in our lifetime and God forbid I don’t ever wanna see it again, it’s time to take it serious and stay home,” Fandal said.

Fandal said for essential workers, they should carry identification on them in case they’re stopped by an officer, but he says there’s no plans for a checkpoint at this time.

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