Convention Center opens to recovering COVID-19 patients

Convention Center opens to recovering COVID-19 patients

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Convention Center opened its doors Monday for recovering Covid-19 patients.

The Governor says about two dozen patients were transported to the Convention Center on its first day. There are right now 1,000 beds available in the Convention Center.

It’s not a walk-in clinic. The patients are being transferred from area hospitals. The goal is to open up space at those hospitals for the most critical.

In the meantime, the patients at the Convention Center are deemed to be less ill or recovering. It’s purpose will be to off load the hospitals and allow the sickest of the sick to stay in the hospital and provide a place for the less sick of the sick.

“We are so thankful for the National Guard and everyone else who’s been helping with that,” says Joseph Kanter, M.D.

On top of the indoor facility, there’s going to be a site across from the Convention Center located in Lot F, made of temporary units. These units are basically individual rooms with a bed, a fridge, sink and a bathroom. Those will be used for patients who are sick but have not yet received their test results. Once they recieve their results they will be transferred to the correct level of care.

While the Convention Center has 1,000 beds available, state leaders say they will continue to build on that. There should be about 2,000 beds available by the end of the month.

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