Overtime Podcast #144 - LSU Draft Preview

Overtime Podcast #144 - LSU Draft Preview
Joe Burrow eludes Clemson's pass rush during LSU's National Championship victory (Source: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - LSU could make school history in the 2020 NFL Draft if they have more than four first round picks and could surpass Miami's all-time record if they can surpass six players taken in the first 32 selections. Chris Hagan and Sean Fazende preview the Tigers' prospects.

On Joe Burrow’s likelihood to be drafted first overall by the Cincinnati Bengals:

Chris Hagan: “This draft is one where I think we’ll see some quarterbacks go off the board early when you look at the teams at the top of the draft and you’ve got obviously the Bengals, the Dolphins, the Chargers are up there, Washington depending on what they do. I think the consensus is still that Joe Burrow is that guy though.”

Sean Fazende: “There really is no debate. Joe Burrow is coming off obviously a season for the ages but don’t discount the back quarter of his season before and this momentum that he has riden really from 2019 into this draft. Obviously he has no health risks, he’s a guy that loves football, he’s less risky than Tua Tagavailoa. To me, the only thing is - does Cincinnati hold on to the pick? Which, look, there’s always going to be smoke this time of year and, to me, Burrow is going number one, it’s just a matter of - does Cincy trade the pick? Because there are all these rumors about Miami wanting to go up and get him and Miami has the draft capital to go up to number one, no doubt about it. But does Cincy want to be the team that essentially walks away from a sure thing? Cincy has done crazy things over the year, we know that. But in Joe Burrow’s case, I’d be extremely shocked. Don’t be surprised to hear leaks to the contrary but I’d be extremely shocked if he’s not number one overall.”

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