As use of teleconferencing grows, FBI warns about attacks by hackers

As use of teleconfrencing grows, FBI warns about attcks by hackers

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - As people work from home due to the pandemic, the FBI warns of hijackers taking advantage of teleconference calls.

Some lawyers say they have security concerns.

As more people work from home, the FBI warns against a cyber crime called “Zoom-bombing.” This is when teleconferences are disrupted by inappropriate images and threats.

Some lawyers working from home say they’re worried about security when it comes to using zoom for certain proceedings.

“Taking in those depositions is highly confidential, and so yea, that security threat that I understand Zoom has been dealing with is certainly something that could be a problem,” Legal Analyst, Bobby Hjortsberg said.

However, he’s not too worried when it comes to criminal proceedings.

“It’s not a huge deal if someone were to be listening in to a criminal court proceeding, because they almost always can do that if they chose to anyhow,” Hjortsberg said.

According to Zoom’s website, the CEO says he did not anticipate the high number of users in a short period of time, and was not prepared for the security issues. In response, the platform now has an update for users to enhance security.

“It makes me feel a little bit better because I’m hopeful that what they’re saying is accurate, but you know, certainly, I can identify that there are probably still some security issues there,” Hjortsberg said.

Some cyber security experts say those using Zoom for work shouldn’t be too concerned.

“There seems to have been always features in place to prevent those things from happening. You just have to go into Zoom and control your security, your passwords, and use the presenter properly, and your meeting would’ve been secured,” Nam Nguyen with Digitalware, Inc. said.

He said the high risk of security breach comes from the public use of the platform, when links to join were widely shared.

“I read their support page and it seems like they got right on it right away, and then they re-programmed it, and then they released a newer version or an updated version of zoom that helps prevent this type of activity,” Nguyen said.

According to Zoom's website, users can adjust certain privacy settings, like controlling the admittance and re-entry of guests.

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