Rummel QB Kyle Wickersham focusing on reloading for 2020

Rummel QB Kyle Wickersham focusing on reloading for 2020
Kyle Wickersham will be a senior this fall at Rummel.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - In Kyle Wickersham’s first season under center, the junior helped Rummel secure a state title. The Raiders finished the season undefeated, 13-0.

Rummel QB Kyle Wickersham looking to repeat the Raiders 2019 success in 2020

“It was an amazing season. It was really great to see the hard work pay off for all of us. The team I was on was something special. I will never forget it for the rest of my life. The way those guys worked every single day, it really taught me something. It taught all the young guys something. It’s really going to help us this season coming up,” said Kyle Wickersham.

Gone is wide receiver Koy Moore to LSU, and the Raider defense will need to fill nine openings.

“Coach (Nick) Monica said you got to work with that you got. What we got is great athletes, all the time so. We just got to find that chemistry now, and reload for the season,” said Wickersham.

With home school taking over, and no spring football, Wickersham is adjusting to a new schedule.

“If I workout in the morning, I’ll come here and finish that. I’ll go home and do my homework until I’m done. Then my mom has a P.E. time for us she says. We got to go on a bike ride for two hours. We’re hanging in there, trying not lose our minds being around each other all day,” said Wickersham.

Kyle’s sister, Shelby, plays softball at LSU. His dad, Jeff, played quarterback for the Tigers. So when they get together at home, the games can get quite competitive.

“Play this little game, got a football net setup. They got little holes in it. We call out the hole and we got to hit it. It’s kind of like pig in basketball. It’s always fun to see Shelby throw a football,” said Wickersham.

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