Section 642: Falcons unveil new uniforms, Bucs take their old ones

There’s also a Super Bowl LI math puzzle in here

Section 642: Falcons unveil new uniforms, Bucs take their old ones
The Falcons rose up and got some new clothes. (Source: Atlanta Falcons | Twitter)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Atlanta Falcons lost to the New England 34-28 back in LI.

The team was up 25-3 before losing in terrible fashion. We’ll get back to that.

Speaking of fashion ... the Falcons unveiled their new uniforms on Wednesday. They used the inside of a delivery truck as the backdrop. The tweet said the uniforms are “For our team. Our fans. Our city.”

The uniforms are for the most part black, with red highlights and black helmets. There’s a white uniform for, presumably, away games as well.

Another tweet reads, “For the first time in 17 years, it’s time for a change.” The team was teasing the release of the new uniforms. But the tweet had a time stamp of April 7, then at the end it had a release date of April 14. Curious.

Time for some math - If you take 17 - as in years since “it’s time for a change” - and add it to 4+1+4+2+0 (the date of the supposed release), you get 28.

And the delicious irony is that it has 2828 people talking about the post at the time of the posting. But wait, there’s more.

The people talking about both of the Falcons tweets are 6,044 and 2,828: 6+0+4+4+2+8+2+8=34. As fate would have it, the Falcons can’t really do anything about the cosmic realities of the loss to to Tom Brady and the Patriots. As for Tom Brady ...

28 28
28 28 (Source: Twitter)

Not to be outdone, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers changed their uniforms to the Falcons old uniforms. Sure, there’s a gray outfit. But it’s essentially the old Falcons uniform. Did Giselle get any input on this?

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