Some doctors say the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 is starting to drop

Some doctors say the number of hospitalizations for COVID-19 is starting to drop

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Although there are 586 new COVID-19 cases across the state, Governor John Bel Edwards says there are fewer hospitalizations.

"The best news comes to us with a reduced case count, but really what we're focusing on are the hospitalizations rates of individuals with COVID-19 and ventilator usage," Edwards said.

To date, he says there are 1,868 hospitalizations, and 363 of those patients are on ventilators.

"Now that's 46 less than yesterday in hospitalization, and 33 less on vents than yesterday, which tells you we are moving in the right direction," Edwards said.

Those numbers are reflected at the University Medical Center in New Orleans.

“We have about half the number of patients currently on ventilators than we did at the peak, which was end of March, early April. So we are seeing overall dramatic decrease in both critically ill COVID patients, and just overall numbers in the hospital,” Dr. Jeff Elder, UMC Director of Emergenct Management said.

Elder said the downward trend started at the end of March.

"We've seen our numbers kind of steadily decline for new COVID-related patients, and so at its height, our patient volume, we were by 55% of all of our in patients were COVID-related. We're down to just maybe 40% now," Elder said.

Those at Tulane Medical Center say they started seeing fewer patients for COVID-19 last week.

“Wards that were full before are now starting to see a decrease in census, and we’re starting to discharge a lot of the coronavirus patients, which is a good sign,” Dr. Brandon Mauldin, Chief Medical Officer at Tulane Health System said.

While the trend is uplifting, medical experts say residents need to continue doing their part for it to stay that way.

"All of our efforts are based on the social distancing and everyone doing the stay at home order. So, any time we're seeing cases, we're definitely concerned, but I think we're at least cautiously optimistic that it's starting to slow down some," Mauldin said.

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