Sean Payton donates plasma to help COVID-19 patients

Sean Payton donates plasma to help COVID-19 patients
Saints head coach Sean Payton donates plasma to help coronavirus patients. (Source: Chris Hagan)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Now that he’s recovered from COVID-19, Sean Payton says he didn’t waste any time when he learned that his plasma donation can help someone else fight the virus.

“Just the idea that two to three patients can be treated with your plasma, I think that’s a big help,” says Payton.

His help adds to what’s been an NFL offseason unlike any other. Yes, there’s still a focus on football. But in the grand scheme of life, even the head coach of one of the league’s best teams knows that there are bigger things than what happens on the field.

Sean Payton donates plasma

“It still takes a backseat,” says Payton as the blood transfusion is underway. “I’m having a team meeting on Wednesday, a webcam, call-in Zoom team meeting to speak and visit with the 70-something players of ours throughout the country just to bring them up to speed on where we’re at and what our plans are as a team and what our plans aren’t and what we’re wanting to get accomplished. And the very first topic is your families and taking care of your own health, paying attention to your local guidelines, all those things that are most important. Secondly, we’ll get to our thoughts with the offseason.”

Which, speaking of, culminates with this weekend’s draft. Payton says their success in previous years gives them plenty of reason to believe they’ll bring in another great class.

“I think we’ll be good on Thursday, Friday and Saturday because we’re really good at doing that,” says Payton. “And we have been and our process has been extremely thorough from our scouting department and coaching staff and front office. There’s a reason we’ve drafted well these last two or three years. We expect to have more success.”

Coach Payton says he was fortunate not only to have a lighter case of COVID-19, but also to have it out of the way well ahead of their draft preparation. As for what the long-term future of football looks like this fall, possibly without fans, Payton is like the rest of us. We’ll just have wait and see.

“Obviously, it would be television,” says Payton. “But we can’t control any of that. So you focus on the things you can control. Again, I think it’s something that’s not as important.”

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