Juan’s World: Mickey’s Ready for the Virtual Draft

Juan’s World: Mickey’s Ready for the Virtual Draft
Saints complete 2019 draft class with Notre Dame TE Alize' Mack and Idaho LB Kaden Elliss.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome into Juan’s World. Ready, set, goooooo on the virtual draft because the Saints say they’re ready for whatever happens.

Saints GM Mickey Loomis conducts his pre-draft presser

Team GM Mickey Loomis said his staff has contingency plans for any and everything that could happen and go wrong, like a power outage.

This new virtual draft format is reliant on a strong internet signal and a power source that doesn’t go out, especially since the forecast is calling for rain while the draft is going on.

Loomis said if he loses power at his house, which is where GM’s are required to do the draft from, he’s got a ‘backup generator’ that’ll kick in right away.

That right there is a big part of what this years unusual draft is all about.

Best Player available is the approach. That same player addressing a specific need, is always the hope for Loomis. The teams biggest needs seem pretty easy to see. Linebacker, wide receiver, depth on both lines and quarterback.

Loomis acknowledged a definite about this years draft class. That it’s extremely deep with wide receivers. And on the subject of a quarterback, Loomis said they’re not afraid to move on one if it’s the ‘right one’ to move on.

The Saints draft approach won’t change just because the NFL’s draft process has. Draft war rooms are now draft living rooms with the internet connecting all of the important decision makers.

Phone calls will still be made...cell phones and land lines if ya got em, will be busy. Ma Bell will be busy starting Thursday night.

I can’t wait to see what unfolds, and I’m not just talking about which players the Saints add to the roster.

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