Juan’s World: Tommy after Taysom?

Did Saints Sign Taysom’s Successor?

Juan’s World: Tommy after Taysom?
Tommy Stevens was taken by the Saints in the 7th-Round. Source: Mississippi State Athletics (Source: MSU Athletics)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan’s World and I have just one question to ask following the Saints drafting of a quarterback.

Tommy Stevens meets with the media after getting drafted by the Saints

Is this the guy that’ll eventually replace the guy that we’ve been told will will eventually replace ‘the’ guy? Tommy Stevens in for Taysom Hill who’s expected to, one day soon, pick up where Drew Brees leaves off once he heads off into retirement and the broadcast booth.

I know. Woah!!!! Slow down Kincaid. You’re looking too far into the future. And that’s probably true. But, when Mickey Loomis said before the draft started that they’d go after a QB that they’d liked, it got me to thinking.

I mean, in the former MSU Bulldog, the Saints are getting a guy that showed that he’s more than just a drop-back passer. Stevens can throw it and run it. And the player that he’s been compared to in the past, is Taysom Hill.

Again, I’m just trying to read the tea leaves here.

But, realistically, Stevens is a 7th round pick that just hopes to stick around on the practice squad. He won’t have any kind of summer camp with the team to get into the playbook or to get to know his teammates.

So we won’t see until training camp, just what he brings to the table/field in terms of being the second coming of Hill or the first version of himself.

One thing I do know is. This move makes me feel like the Saints really do see Hill as the guy that’s next-in-line behind number nine.

Yes, I’ve been a slow believer and I’ll remain that way until the change-over is officially done.

Welcome to the Saints Tommy Boy.

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