New mother makes ‘miracle’ recovery after delivering baby while fighting COVID-19

New mother makes ‘miracle’ recovery after delivering baby while fighting COVID-19
New mother recovers from COVID-19, released from hospital

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - An Ohio mother is back home after doctors delivered her baby while she was sedated because of the coronavirus.

Megan Sites credits doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for saving her life.

“I don’t think ‘scared’ is the right word to use. I was horrified,” Sites told FOX19 NOW on Friday.

The 27-year-old was pregnant when she tested positive for COVID-19 at a Dayton hospital. Sites is a labor and delivery nurse and says she first noticed her symptoms while she was working.

She says she drove herself to the emergency room when she started having breathing problems. Her husband could not go with her because of social distancing orders.

“Coronavirus is brutal, to also battle alone, completely alone, it’s another level of endurance," Sites said. “It’s ridiculous.”

According to doctors, her condition worsened, and she was placed on a ventilator.

Sites was sedated and doesn’t remember much over the next few days, but she does remember waking up and realizing she wasn’t pregnant anymore.

“I have no recollection of the delivery, no,” said Sites.

Doctor’s told her they had to deliver her baby to save the boy’s life.

She says her husband couldn’t be there for the delivery because he had been exposed to the virus. He did not meet the baby, Jameson, for four days after the delivery.

Megan’s condition took another turn for the worse afterwards as her lungs continued to deteriorate, according to doctors. That’s when the medical staff in Dayton contacted UC Medical Center to get Megan an ECMO treatment.

“I have a lot of hallucinations from that time.. but the actual ECMO treatment, I don’t recall any of that,” said Megan, who was sedated during the treatment.

Suzanne Bennett, MD, was one of Megan’s doctor’s at UCMC.

According to medical officials, the treatment provides short-term life support for patients with a failing heart and/or lungs. The ECMO pump does what healthy lungs should be doing with oxygen and carbon dioxide.

“We have not seen any pregnant patients whose lungs have failed so severely to require this rescue therapy of ECMO,” said Bennett. “Our conventional therapies, which includes a ventilator, was not enough to save her life.”

The ECMO treatment worked, and Megan made an incredible recovery, much quicker than most people they’ve seen with the condition, according to Bennett.

Megan says her husband was originally told she had a less than 40 percent chance of survival.

“It didn’t help save my life, it saved my life,” said Sites. “It’s a miracle that I’m sitting here talking to you right now.”

Because of the treatment, Megan was finally able to meet her baby, Jameson, more than ten days after he was delivered.

“There’s no words. There’s no way to show them the appreciation they deserve. It’s surreal,” said Sites.

Jameson is still in the NICU, but doctors say he is healthy and doing well with no signs of the coronavirus. Megan says he should be able to come home in four to five weeks.

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