NFL Gives Direction on Reopening Facilities

NFL Gives Direction on Reopening Facilities
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - On the eve of the NFL releasing it’s 2020-21 schedule, league commissioner Roger Goodell has put protocols into motion for teams reopening its facilities. And he’s told all 32 teams to have them in place by May 15th.

The return to business as usual at team facilities will be done in phases, with the first one involving a limited number of non-player personnel. On any given day, no more than 75 personnel can bet at the facility. But, state or local regulations could require lower numbers.

Individual clubs can decide which employees could return and when once they reopen. The only players that’ll be allowed at the facility are those that are continuing therapy and rehabilitation for injuries that were underway when facilities were ordered closed in late march by Goodell.

“While these protocols have been carefully developed and reflect best practices,” Goodell wrote, “they can also be adapted and supplemented to ensure compliance with any state and local public health requirements.”

The commissioner is also working on the next phase of reopening, which would include more staffers and players.

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