FFF: What does the Saints schedule give us...hope

FFF: What does the Saints schedule give us...hope
Drew Brees and the Saints will be in the Dome for a week 1 matchup with the Bucs. (Source: Mark La)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - In this edition of FFF, we focus on the positives of the Saints schedule release, soccer is back in Europe, and more restaurants opening in the Crescent City.


One of the great experiences of the NFL offseason took place on Thursday night, the schedule release.

For the Saints, it’s a tough schedule, but the Black and Gold’s loaded roster should make it a winnable one.

Just going up and down the Saints schedule, studying week-by-week was such a joy.

Now the big questions is, will fans be in the stands when the Saints host the Bucs on Sept. 13 on FOX 8.

That I honestly don’t have an answer to. Seeing the Saints schedule release gives me hope that football will be returning soon.

As the days, turn to weeks, that turn to months, we’ve struggled with no sports.

But just the thought of the Saints coming back, should bring some football optimism to the Who-Dats.


Speaking of some hope in sports, we’re getting that with the return of soccer in Germany.

The Bundesliga kicks things back off on May 16th. Spain, Italy, and England are also putting plans in place to get things going again soon.

It’s small victories in the sports world that will finally result a big win down the road.


Some more positive news on the restaurant front here in our city. One of my favorite po-boy shops in New Orleans, Parkway Bakery, opens back up May 12th.

Roast beef and shrimp po-boys will be back on the menu. They’ll be open 11-4 starting Tuesday.

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