Juan’s World: Celebrating our Sports Mothers

Juan’s World: Celebrating our Sports Mothers
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome into Juan’s World and Happy Mothers Day to all of the moms out there. The seasoned ones, the young ones and the ones that have left us and are now watching over us, we celebrate you today and everyday.

In my attempt to keep this post, sports related, I couldn’t help but think back to when I was a kid and playing little league baseball, peewee football and bitty basketball.

I didn’t need to look into the stands to see if my mom was there. Jessie Kincaid ALWAYS WAS. She worked 8-5 daily and made it across town to cheer me on. She was always the loudest one in the stands and she wouldn’t miss my game for the world. That kind of commitment lasted on into high school.

On cold winter’s nights, while I was on the soccer field, high up in the stands, sat my mom. Wrapped in a blanket, shivering, yet still screaming her lungs out, telling me to hustle.

Mom was always there for everything that was important to me because THAT was important to her. And here we are decades later, and I’m blessed to say that she’s still by my side and my biggest supporter.

There are moms all over the world that are like my mom. Sacrificing for the good of their child. Making sure their kid has more smiles than frowns.

My co-parent, Georgia Magail Wilson, is the kind of mom that every child would love to have. She gives until she’s blue in the face. She sets an example for our daughter to aspire to. She knows when to apply tough love and when to give space for growth and learning.

And when our kid decides to play a sport or take part in a dance, Magail always drops what she’s doing to give 100% focus on what’s most important.

I am truly blessed to have two mothers in my life that continue to be wonderful examples of what being a mother is all about. Thoughtful, caring, supportive and most important, LOVING.

It’s these traits that remind us that we must celebrate these great ladies ‘EVERY DAY’ and not just once a year.

Afterall, ‘To the world, you are a mother. But, to your family, YOU ARE THE WORLD.’

Happy Mothers Day. Especially to the many that are screaming at their kids from the stands.

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