New Orleans families celebrate Mother’s Day in the park

Updated: May. 10, 2020 at 11:13 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Despite the statewide shutdown, mothers and their families still got out just not in the ways many normally would.

Many New Orleans area residents traded in a fancy brunch for a quiet picnic at the park this Mother's Day.

“The restaurants will be overcrowded right now, we would probably be inside in our yards are in the house so, just to get outside and enjoy it things we used to have a child,” Shontrease Jason said.

Though it’s due to the mandated stay-at-home order and not by choice, families like Shontrease Jason’s say it’s a nice change and a reminder of what matters most.

Instead of splitting the day between church and crawfish boils, Mom Wendy Vogel and her large family found a shaded spot in the park.

“Just this gorgeous day that God gave us to spend outside. I mean, it could be raining, I could be everything, but we got to spend it here,” Wendy Vogel said.

The group took a photo to commemorate the day, but Vogel says she won’t need it to remember this Mother’s Day.

“I just think I will always hold this day dear just spending it with everyone I love,” Vogel said.

“I think this is my favorite Mother’s Day,” Tiffany said.

Eight-year-old Kevin Riley spent the day with his Mom Tiffany flying kites near the Lakefront.

“It was kind of easy but it wasn't that easy because we had to like catch the wind and then it kept falling down so we had to make sure it didn't fall down. we got in the air,” Kevin said.

“Very nice. It was nice. It was nicer than what people may think. I think due to our circumstances right now across the world, it's pushing people to get outdoors more,” Tiffany said.

Some residents say, in a time when other families are suffering the loss of loved ones due to COVID-19, they're thankful to have each other.

“Just be grateful for what we have and knowing we still have a mom and a grandma to say happy Mother’s Day to,” Jason said.

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