Restaurants prepare to reopen with newest guidelines in Phase I

Masks required in the New Orleans area

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - New Orleans is the only area in the state requiring face coverings in all places of business and that includes restaurants.

The moment, Mayor Cantrell ended her news conference on how the city will shift into phase one of safely re-engaging the economy Carmen Provenzano with Pascal’s says reservation calls started immediately.

Now as they make those reservations, they're asking people to follow new city guidelines.

"We are asking all our reservations to please comply with the personal protection that mayor has asked for,” Provenzano said.

Carmen says he knows, it's not realistic to have customers take a bit of their food and then quickly cover their face.

"During regular conversations at the table with customers amongst themselves. We are going to ask them to keep their mask on,” Provenzano said.

Wearing masks inside restaurants and bars with food permits, is one of the guidelines Mayor Cantrell set as a phase one requirement.

Mayor Cantrell says the city won’t arrest or write any citations for people not wearing masks but stresses it’s a personal responsibility.

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