Some residents in St. Tammany Parish woke up to floodwater in their homes

St. Tammany Flooding

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Several people on the Northshore woke up to find their neighborhoods were completely flooded.

In St. Tammany, the parish president says the sheriff’s office rescued close to a dozen people.

Bedico Creek neighborhood was inundated with what parish president Mike Cooper calls record-setting flooding.

Residents in another subdivision, Hidden Creek say the rain started Thursday afternoon and it didn't let up until this morning.

St. Tammany sheriff's deputies were stationed with boats, helicopters, and Humvees for water rescues.

"There were about 10 to 12 highwater rescue from the sheriff's office. Many were from residents in their homes and there were a couple of motorists that were rescued from their automobiles,” Cooper said.

"The rain kept coming and the lightning. I went to bad at midnight and it wasn't that bad but when I got up as 6 o'clock this morning it was just starting daylight you could see the street flooding,” resident Timmy O’Brien said.

There are three ponds in the Hidden Creek subdivision that overtopped. Timmy O'Brien says he and his neighbors went out on their bikes and boats clearing out drains to try and clear the water.

They say this isn’t how they expected to spend the first day of phase one.

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