Line wraps around OMV on Veterans

OMV lines long as offices reopen

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some drivers experienced long lines as the Office of Motor Vehicles re-opened some locations around the state this week with limited services. The OMV says it will be complying with the 25% of its normal capacity during phase 1 of Louisiana re-opening.

Our camera was rolling as the line wrapped around the building at the OMV on Veterans Thursday morning. Some people were wearing masks, others were not. And, Anna Grissom says not everyone was practicing social distancing while in line.

“I had to tell one guy, he just came up like right here behind me and I’m like hey can you move 6 feet back and he looked at me like he was offended, like how dare I and that’s what I feel like a lot of people are doing around here and well come on we’re in a pandemic, why is this a hard thing,” Grissom said.

She was at the OMV to renew her license, something you can’t always do online. She says she didn’t have a problem with the way things were being run inside. Outside, however, she says it was a different story.

"Don't get me wrong they did an amazing job inside. I just think maybe outside they should be enforcing that rule because people aren't following it," Grissom said.

OMV Commissioner, Karen St. Germain, says they’re encouraging customers to wear masks and they’re also putting up signs to remind people to keep their distance.

“I don’t disagree with her about the 6 feet. The problem is you can’t make everybody adhere to it and when they are standing out there, they’re kind of on their own,” St. Germain said."We are asking them to wear a mask, we are strongly, actually urging them to wear a mask but we can’t make them."

Because of the ongoing pandemic, St. Germain says the OMV has shifted more services online.

"We are doing a lot of things, like reinstatement, to the average person that means clearing up your records, getting your insurance straight, we're doing it all online now, you don't have to come into the office at all and we have people going out there to make sure that the customers know that," Germain said.

But, some OMV business still has to be done in person.

“When you renew your license, we have to verify your address again and things that are on your record for reasons, you have to update,” St. Germain said.

The OMV says if someone doesn’t have a mask, they’re offering them to customers at the door.

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