St. Tammany investigates Slidell triple shooting

Slidell shooting leaves 4 people injured

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Three people remain critical after a shoot out in a Slidell subdivision Thursday night.

Neighbors were shocked to hear the gunfire, finding one victim lying in their yard.

Residents of the 200 block of Hollow Rock Court say it sounded like warfare.

“I was watching TV and then I heard these loud shots, rapid fire it sounded like a semi automatic,” said neighbor Tom Purvis.

Residents say as many as 20 shots rang out Thursday night around 9 o’clock from what some believe were small and large caliber weapons.

“Just one loud gunshot and then a few seconds later five or six and then after that five or seven more,” said neighbor Deon Evans. He quickly gathered his two children, two-year-old Oshay and three-year-old Omar.

“It was like two different types of guns. One is very loud automatic, boom boom,” said neighbor Tom Purvis. He and his wife huddled in the back of his house.

When Deon Evans went outside he discovered a large bullet hole in the back of his truck and a victim around the corner.

“She was alert and said ‘I can’t feel my leg’ so I told her to be calm and help is on the way,” said neighbor Tyrone Clark.

The violence, stretched down the street, with a trail of evidence left by one victim trying to flee.

A lot of the people who live on this block have lived here for 10 or 20 years and say nothing like this has ever happened here before.

“It’s quiet some time I don’t lock my door or leave my garage open it’s usually quiet,” said Evans.

All that shattered last night.

"I hope their families are praying for them to get better and whatever this riff is about is over with," said neighbor James Davis.

St Tammany Sheriff’s Office says this is still an active investigation and so far, no arrests have been made. At this point they have not identified any motive or suspects.

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