Families pack the beach in Grand Isle during Memorial Day Weekend

Grand Isle packed Memorial Day weekend

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Families and beachgoers packed the beach in Grand Isle during Memorial Day Weekend.

Grand Isle Police Chief Laine Landry believes this may have been the largest turn out on the beach ever during his experience due to fears of traveling.

He also stated that all rentals and summer occupancies were booked over the weekend.

“I have never seen this many people on the beach ever for any holiday in my life. Now that you can bring golf carts a few years ago since that started we do see more people on the beach, but this has been the most people I’ve ever seen, " said Chelsea Kedzierski, a rental agent with Coastal Realty Group.

During their emergency order, beach access was previously limited and the use of golf carts was prohibited.

Kedzierski manages 65 beach properties and fishing camps, all of which were sold out for the weekend.

“It is great for business. It went from zero to 100 in a few weeks because some businesses were totally not able to open, and now they’re actually thriving," Kedzierski said.

After putting strict restrictions and lockdowns, Grand Isle reopened to nonresident property owners on April 20.

Chief Landry also added that no incidents of crime have been reported on the beach and police are making sure family units continue to social distance.

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