NOPD releases body camera video of encounter with protesters on the CCC

Updated: Jun. 10, 2020 at 5:32 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -The New Orleans Police Dept. Wednesday released body worn camera video related to an encounter with protesters on the Crescent City Connection June 3.

****WARNING - Material includes graphic language. ****

Crescent City Connection protest on June 3, 2020

The 10 minute video begins with negotiations between officers and protesters that lasted nearly 30 minutes. You can hear a woman on a loud speaker addressing the marchers and telling them that officers want them to turn around.

A line of officers can be seen blocking the protesters from crossing the bridge.

Several minutes later, some of the protesters began pushing against the officers breaking through that line. That’s when the first canister of tear gas was deployed.

An NOPD supervisor can be heard asking those on the bridge to back up.

A total of four cans of tear gas were used. In the video you can see a cloud of gas. The video also shows the canisters being thrown back at officers and being thrown over the bridge.

A second line of officers is seen positioned about 25 feet behind the front line.

In the video, a police sergeant addressing the media Wednesday said five minutes after the first encounter, several protesters insisted on being aggressive. That’s when another canister of tear gas was deployed.

In the video, at least one person can be seen holding a police department shield. NOPD said several pieces of equipment was stolen.

Some police officers were injured during the confrontation on the bridge. A few officers were also impacted by the tear gas.

Near the end of the video, some protesters left the bridge and others were escorted off by the NOPD.

At a news conference Tuesday, members of the Special Operations Division held a live fire demonstration of rubber balls that were also deployed that night on the bridge.

Superintendent Ferguson promised a full investigation into what happened on the CCC and will look into the department’s use of force and all policies and procedures.

Ferguson apologized and said he had no knowledge of the use of the rubber balls and that the commanding officer on the bridge that night did not give approval to use them.

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