Juan’s World: Way to go NASCAR

NASCAR Bans the Confederate Flag

Juan’s World: Way to go NASCAR

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan’s World and I’m standing and applauding NASCAR as I’m writing this. They finally, FINALLY stood up to racism by standing up against a large part of their fan base.

The ones that proudly fly the Confederate flag and use the words ‘proud heritage’ as their reason for doing so.

But, no longer will the ‘stars and bars’ be displayed at a NASCAR event. The sport has banned it.

Think about that. The sport that was born and bred in the south some 72 years ago, will no longer support a symbol that has come along with it.

Can you imagine how that makes their sports most die hard fans feel? I’m sure they’re ready to protest, picket and say that they’ll take their hard-earned dollars elsewhere. And I get that. But, I’d also understand and I’d stand up and cheer again, if Nascar told them to go ahead because your money’s not welcomed here anymore.

NASCAR’s only African American driver, Bubba Wallace, said on Monday that he’d like to see the confederate flag removed from the sports he loves. He even got plenty of support from his fellow drivers, all of whom are white.

Together they were featured in a video, speaking out against racism and social injustice. Two years ago, it’s highly unlikely that the things NASCAR is doing today, would’ve even been discussed much less put into motion.

But, George Floyd’s senseless killing by a Minneapolis police officer, has finally woken up a nation. And it’s raised the awareness of athletes that seem to want to not only make a difference, but want to ‘be’ the difference.

For the first time during the coronavirus pandemic NASCAR will open its gates to fans this weekend, welcoming up to a thousand back for its race in Miami.

The following weekend in Alabama, up to five thousand will be allowed back at the track at Talladega, where the Confederate flag has been as common a sight in the stands and in the infield as the cars on the track making left turns.

I suspect that will be NASCAR’s first big indicator of how its most die-hard fans are gonna handle this sudden change. It probably won’t go over well. And they’ll probably swear off the sport for good.

To which NASCAR should tell them, ‘Good riddance. We don’t need the Confederate flag and we don’t need YOU!’

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