You’ll see a lot of Tyrese Johnson this fall for BTW

You’ll see a lot of Tyrese Johnson this fall for BTW
Johnson is a 4-star recruit according to 247 Sports.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Booker T. Washington started playing varsity football just last season. Turn on the tape, and you noticed right away, the young team possessed a good one in Tyrese Johnson. The wide receiver's recruitment heated up after the 2019 season concluded.

You'll see a lot of WR Tyrese Johnson this fall for BTW

“It was my Hudl tape actually. Everybody thought it was amazing, and was looking forward to seeing more of me,” said Tyrese Johnson.

With his film readily available, the Power 5 schools are coming with scholarship offers.

“It’s been very fast for me. It happened so quick. Everything came in a rush. I wasn’t expecting it, but everything is a blessing, anything I get. Michigan has been hitting me up. Virginia, Memphis, Florida State, and Missouri,” said Johnson.

If you’re a big fan of Johnson, well you’re in luck. His senior season, he’ll be all over the field for Booker T. Washington.

“Yes, yes, yes. We’re going to use him everywhere. We’re going to use him on the best place to win games, and help him out. Help him out for the next level. You know I always tell him I go back to Marshall Faulk. What made him a good player on the next level. He knew his X’s and O’s because he played at multiple positions. He played the receiver, he played the running back, he played quarterback, he played cornerback. When he went to the next level, everything was simple for him when it came down to classroom X’s and O’s,” said head coach Wayne Reese, Jr.

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