Juan’s World: NASCAR’s Proper Response

NASCAR Rallies Around Bubba Wallace

Juan’s World: NASCAR’s Proper Response
NASCAR drivers unite in support of Bubba Wallace

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan’s World. Did you notice, today, NASCAR showing that it has Bubba’s back?

The circuits only African American driver, Bubba Wallace, never felt alone on the track today, as NASCAR finally ran the Talladega 500, a day later.

Running it a day after someone left a ‘noose’ hanging in Wallace’s garage. He never saw it, but someone else did, reported it, and now the FBI’s involved.

While disgruntled long-time race fans flew their banned confederate flags ‘outside’ of the tracks grounds, NASCAR quickly condemned this latest show of racism ‘within’ in a sport that’s long been associated with such symbols.

But, the new NASCAR was on display before the start of today’s race, with Wallace’s fellow drivers pushing his number 43 car to the front of the pack. An emotional Wallace emerged from his ride with tears in his eyes.

He gets how big a deal this is. And there’s no way he doesn’t get how big a deal this is for every race fan that, not only looks like him, but for those that are happy to race alongside him.

I’m a race fan. Have been one for more than half of my 51-years on this planet. How NASCAR is responding to what its traditions ‘used’ to be, is amazing.

I salute the sport, what’s it’s trying to become and it’s decision to not look back because of ‘tradition.'

Remember, just because it’s always been a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s right.

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