FOX 8 EXCLUSIVE: ‘Why does this keep happening?’ A woman and 9-year-old carjacked in front of house twice in a week

Second Carjacking occurs at the same location

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A woman says she's terrified after a second carjacking happened in front of her home. This time, the woman's aunt was held at gunpoint.

"They had a gun. I'm scared if we don't actually obey their orders, they're gonna shoot one of us," the woman's 9-year-old stepdaughter said.

"She was more terrified than the first time because there was a gun involved. She said why does this keep happening?" The victim said.

FOX 8 is protecting the identity of this woman and her stepdaughter, who say their family was carjacked twice. Last week, her nine-year-old stepdaughter was in the backseat of the stolen vehicle.

"The first time, I thought it was never going to happen again, and we're all safe now," the stepdaughter said.

The woman said her aunt was dropping her and her stepdaughter off in front of their home on Granville Street at 1:30 a.m. Monday.

"I saw two guys dressed in all black, ran up to my aunt and one of the guys had a hand in the car, and she was held at gunpoint," the woman said.

She said the two men wore what appeared to be the same outfit as the carjackers from last week.

The next moments happened in a flurry.

"All I heard was give me all your money, give me everything, and they told me and my stepdaughter to get in the house," she said.

She hurried her stepdaughter in the house, then went back out to help her aunt.

"They already took her out the car, and she ducked down right there where the entertainment was with her hands on her head, making sure they won't shoot us, and then they sped off," she said.

She said her aunt safely escaped.

"She crawled on the lawn right here and got up here, and we ran in the house. I called 911 right away. Within three minutes, we had six officers here," she said.

This comes just after her father's car was recovered, when it was stolen from their driveway last week.

"We were so shaken up, and this is not the first time happen to me. This is the second time happen to me in a week," she said.

She said police found her aunt's car Monday morning, by tracking her cell phone which was still inside.

“She’s very very terrified, and for her to be in that situation, I feel very bad,” she said.

The NOPD says the investigation is active and ongoing.

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