Some residents in Terrebonne Parish face flooding in homes

Flood waters entered several homes in Houma

HOUMA, La. (WVUE) - The threat of more storms tomorrow has emergency leaders in Terrebonne Parish asking residents to be on alert. That after two storms today caused flooding that took some people by surprise.

The rain has since receded here in Houma, but residents say the amount of rain earlier turned their neighborhood into a lake.

Resident TC Canter says this is the most amount of street flooding he’s seen since hurricane Betsy.

“We’re gonna watch it. I look at it as if we ever get a bad storm like you say the right storm will be a lot of homes flooded here or below sea level so we’re in a situation where hands are tied it’s just one of those mother nature times,” Canter said. He says he even worked to layout sandbags. An effort he says was too little too late.

With that much water, reports only showed a few homes that took on water.

Canter said maybe one or two cars also saw some minor flooding.

Emergency management says this is an area they don’t generally see a flood, but with the saturated ground, and the intercoastal already full of rainwater, it made it more challenging to drain.

The Parish government did work to bring in a pump truck to help drain the water that filled the streets for most of the day. But again they’re warning residents to be alert as the potential for rain could make for more flooding situations.

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