U.S. Supreme Court expected to rule on 2014 Louisiana abortion law

U.S. Supreme Court expected to rule on 2014 Louisiana abortion law
The high court is expected to decide whether the state can begin enforcing a law requiring doctors who work at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. It was passed in 2014, but has never taken effect.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The United States Supreme Court could decide Thursday on the future of abortion clinics in Louisiana.

A state law that would limit who could perform abortions has been under a microscope since it was passed in 2014.

A battle over the Louisiana abortion law, which took place in Louisiana courts for years now is before the U.S. Supreme Court and if a ruling comes down Thursday, it would be a landmark ruling for the future.

The 2014 law mandates that doctors at abortion clinics have credentials to access nearby hospitals in case there is an emergency but those credentials are not granted to everyone.

If the law were to go into effect, it would leave only one abortion clinic in the state that would be able to operate.

The Supreme Court struck down a similar Texas law in 2016 calling it unconstitutional because its burden on a woman’s right to an abortion outweighed any medical benefit.

Chief Justice John Roberts will be under the microscope as the Supreme Court prepares to issue its first major ruling on abortion rights in the Donald Trump era, which will give the clearest indication yet of the court’s willingness to revisit protections that were first granted in Roe v. Wade.

“As a reproductive justice advocate and activist, I’m very concerned about the conservative leaning court,” says Lakeesha Harris with Women With a Vision.

“We can’t hazard a guess of what they might do, but we’re optimistic that by the Supreme Court choosing to review this law, that they are going to revisit some of their decision in 2016,” says Ben Clapper with Louisiana Right to Life.

Political experts say legal observers will be keenly watching to see how the Supreme Court rules, a decision that could impact the entire country moving forward.

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