City of New Orleans cracking down on COVID-19 compliance this weekend

Updated: Jun. 27, 2020 at 9:02 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - City reps say they’re cracking down on COVID-19 compliance this weekend.

The mayor announced, Wednesday, she’d created a new task force, specifically designated for enforcement, adding she’d be rearranging staff schedules for weekends when most people are out.

We found one business owner who tells us he’s going above and beyond. It’s very structured and you have to be up to protocol or they’re not gonna let you eat there.

Antoine Staib and his girlfriend arrived at Del Fuego on Magazine only to realize they couldn’t get in, because they left a mask on their dashboard.

“They had this whole entire rope like you’re going into a nightclub,” Staib said.

Not only are guests required to wear masks, but they’re also advised to peruse the menu before dining.

“We’re going to place your beverages and appetizers and then will escort you into the building,” the hostess said.

Chef and Owner David Wright says his numbers are up. Most customers are agreeable to the restaurant’s requirements and Wright understands he can’t please everyone.

“We take the entire order at the door and what they sit down, if they want another drink or another appetizer, of course, they can stay and hang out and chill for as long as they want. Within reason,” Wright said.

For Wright, one of the most important precautions is a face covering.

“It’s not political. It’s, in my opinion, common sense. Common decency and having respect for your fellow citizens,” Wright said.

Wearing a mask is also mandatory in the city of New Orleans.

“It’s something we need to have happen right here and right now in the City of New Orleans consistently,” said Mayor Latoya Cantrell.

“Enforcement is not only key, it is essential and we have to act with haste and it’s unfortunate that we have to double down on these efforts but we’re not getting the level of response and respect from the community and our visitors that we desperately need,” Cantrell said.

While the mayor says New Orleans is “holding its own”, she warns her new team can and will shut down non-compliant businesses.

A city rep tells us the task force was out working in shifts today, code enforcement and the Health Department being the two on duty.

She says the team is working in all areas of the city.

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