Coronavirus clusters reported at daycares, summer camps

Daycares and summer camps see uptick in coronavirus cases

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -With little ones, it’s hard to teach the concept of personal space, much less the concept of social distancing.

“You try telling a three-year-old not to share candy with her best friend or if they do it needs to be 6 feet away,” said health educator, Dr. Eric Griggs.

Now daycares, summer camps brought children back together and with the new school year approaching, Griggs says parents shouldn’t be surprised when these places send home reports of illnesses.

“The virus doesn’t spread the virus, people spread the virus, big people and little people,” Griggs said.

Dr. Joseph Kanter with the state health department says they are beginning to see clusters among daycares and summer camps, and expect to see the same when school pops up.

“If a cluster or even one face pops up in a daycare nursery or school and will likely mean that class has to quarantine for two weeks, so as we go forward and continue in phase 2 and even look forward to phase three that’s going to be an unfortunate part of our lives,” Kanter said.

Pediatrician, Dr. Heather Porche says this happens whenever kids congregate together, so more children are testing positive for the virus. She says the good news is the outcome is still better for little ones on average.

“We’ve seen a rise in general and all viruses and yes people are concerned because they just don’t know they don’t know where coronavirus is going to take anyone,” Porche said.

As summer turns to fall, parents should keep a healthy level of concern, but remember that when there’s an illness, quarantine is still a good practice.

“School’s going to look different this year and there’s going to be a lot of precautions that are taken and there’s going to be a lot of disruptions, I think families need to be prepared for classes to have to quarantine often as we’ve seen with daycare and summer camps now,” Kanter said.

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