Surveillance video shows four men break into car parked at Lakeview home

Updated: Jul. 2, 2020 at 9:58 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Some Lakeview residents say they're frustrated as car break ins pick back up again.

Russell Russo says he and his wife woke up to noises from their Ring camera Wednesday night.

"We heard some you know, knockin around and things that you shouldn't hear at 11 o'clock. Hear the Ring doorbell go off, so I look outside of our window, and then you see four people rummaging through our car, trying to break my window, they successfully broke her window," Russo said.

Surveillance video shows three men peering into the black BMW with the passenger's side window smashed.

One man appears to try to break the window of Russo's car, and fails.

Shortly after, one of the men climbs on top of the car, and slips in through the broken window, and rummages through it.

"Despite knocking, alarms going off, they didn't seem to care. We're at a major intersection in the middle of Lakeview, and it's only 11, it's not that late, and just completely just brazen attacks," Russo said.

He says this is the fifth time they'e been broken into.

Just a year ago, he says someone broke into his home.

"We were here sleeping, they broke into it, and then our cars, again, broken into, so it's been highly frustrating to live in lakeview after being alive for 35 years in Kenner and Metairie and never having a crime committed to me," Russo said.

Some neighbors on Argonne Street also said their cars were broken into Monday night.

"I think the residents of Lakeview are fed up, and rightfully so. We're trying to decide do you leave your car door open or do you lock them? Well I recommend you lock your car doors," Val Cupit with Lakeview Crime Watch said.

The NOPD says there were 24 auto burglaries between June 21 and June 27.

Culpit said she's shocked by the car burglary on Canal Boulevard.

"Really? I mean people are out and about at 10:40, you know? I sit outside. Everybody sits outside's just, coming home, you could be carjacked. It seems like it's out of control," Culpit said.

Despite the recent car break ins, NOPD stats show auto burglaries are down by 177 this time last year.

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