Juan’s World: I Just Don’t Know Anymore

When Will Sports' Normalcy Return?

Juan’s World: I Just Don’t Know Anymore
(Source: Paul Spinelli)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan’s World. Am I the only one that loves going to the grocery store? There’s something so soothing about that to me.

Except when I get approached and asked the same question over and over. “What do you think is gonna happen with the Saints?”

It’s not that I hate getting asked that question. I just hate that I can’t give them the answer that they want to here.

I just don’t know anymore. I don’t know if we’ll have football this fall, pro or college. The NFL is talking about moving back the start of training camp and canceling all preseason games.

College football players are getting sick while holding voluntary workouts. What’s gonna happen when the ‘have’ to be around each other. What’s gonna happen when the rest of the student population returns to campus?

And when it comes to the NBA restarting at the end of July, I don’t know if their ‘bubble’ tournament in Orlando, will actually happen and if it’s really a good idea.

This coronavirus is the devil. And social distancing is hard. Not being around friends and family and colleagues, is the pits.

But, the great unknown remains whether or not we’re gonna have that much-needed distraction that sports provides this fall. It’s the one big question that, no matter where I’m asked it....making groceries, walkin’ the levee or just sittin’ on the porch, I don’t have the answer to.

And ‘that’ is frustrating, in so many ways.

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