Juan’s World: It’s Time for Change

America's Landscape is Changing

Juan’s World: It’s Time for Change

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan’s World. I can’t stop thinking about how and why America is changing, depending on who you ask, for better or for worse.

A couple of observations from where I sit.

1. Washington’s NFL team may soon need a new nickname because the one they currently have, and have had for decades, is RACIST.

I remember a conversation my news director, who’s also a long time colleague and friend, had with me and the rest of the guys in our sports department about our station’s decision to ‘not’ call Washington’s team by its nickname.

Honestly, I thought, he was being a bit overly cautious about it because, in my mind, ‘that’s what they’ve always been referred to. So, what’s the big deal.' And this is coming from a kid that grew up a Washington Redskins fan.

My boss didn’t owe any of us an explanation, but he offered up one. Paraphrasing, he simply said that it’s a racist term and it’s hurtful and offensive to Native Americans.

As as black man who’s been called the “N-word’ more times than I can remember, I should’ve understood this long before he had to say it, but I didn’t. All I could think of was, the Redskins are all I’ve ever known them as, so it can’t be bad. It was and it is, that bad. Just because we’ve always said it, doesn’t mean it’s always been the right thing to say.

So now, and for the umpteenth time, some discussions about changing the name are taking place. And thanks to ‘the movement’ that’s taking over America right now, a ‘change’ seems inevitable.

Here’s something that will happen if the change happens. Many will be opposed to it because they see it as ‘just a nickname’ or ‘what they’ve always called them.' But, it’s time for ‘those’ people and, for me, to stop being selfish and living in the past.

Some things that once was, will hopefully be never again. Beginning with Washington coming up with a nickname that all of its fan base, no matter the color of their skin or where they come from, can be proud of.

2. For those of you that jumped online to find a Confederate Flag or a Bubba Wallace Noose for sale, congratulations. You have confirmed what many have known for years. That your ‘heritage’ that you speak of is really the hate that you feel for those that don’t look like you or think like you.

First, NASCAR banned the Rebel flag, the ole Stars and Bars, from flying at any of its events. And now, you’ve got the state of Mississippi, taking it down for good. Honestly, I never thought I’d see the day that either would happen.

Ofcourse, those that feel like their ‘heritage’ is being threatened with this move are up in arms, threatening to boycott NASCAR, who basically said good riddance.

Mississippi governor Tate Reeves even entertained the idea of having two state flags, which would’ve been a slap in the face of the many who have died in his state, in large part, because of what the rebel flag stood for.

But, through all of this, can you believe that it took the NCAA and the Southeastern Conference threatening to keep postseason tournaments out of the state of Mississippi, if they didn’t take down that flag?

It shouldn’t have had to come to that. But, whatever works, right?

Here’s hoping the next state flag that flies in Mississippi, is one that all of its people can be proud of.

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