Nicondra: Heavy Down Pours Likely Through the Holiday Weekend

Isolated locations could experience flooding

Friday Evening Weather

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Be on alert through the Independence Day weekend. While it will not be raining everywhere all at once it is likely that most areas see a heavy down pour at some point. A few locations could see extreme totals such as in St. Charles and Lafourche Parishes on Friday seeing more than 5 inches of rain in some areas in a couple hours. Depending on where that kind of rain falls it can create some major issues with flooding so stay weather aware. The positive side of the rainfall is temperatures should stay close to normal near the 90 degree mark during the afternoon. Winds are light, but just before or during a storm a strong gust of 20 to even 40 mph is possible so another hazard to keep an eye on over the weekend.

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