Nicholls Athletic Director Jonathan Terrell ready to continue Colonels success

Nicholls Athletic Director Jonathan Terrell ready to continue Colonels success
Nicholls State athletic director Jonathan "JT" Terrell (Source: HTV 10 - KFOL)


You’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a deeper passion for Nicholls State University than new athletic director Jonathan Terrell. The former quarterback and quarterbacks coach now leads the athletic department he’s been a part of for nearly 30 years.

“It’s unreal to become to athletic director of a place you love so much,” says Terrell. “Nicholls State has meant so much to me and my family.”

The key word there: family. Terrell’s wife, Taryn, as well as his daughter Katelyn and son-in-law Darius Coleman are all Nicholls alum. Terrell’s twin daughters, Meagan and Makena, are currently sophomores, while his nephew, Tyrease Terrell, is also a student-athlete on the basketball team.

Given their history in athletics, Terrell says it’s important for an athletic director to be able to relate to the students that look to him for guidance.

“At the end of the day, that’s the number one thing,” says Terrell. “Student athletes need to have somebody that they can at least relate to and talk to. Coaches recruit for that reason. Families send their kids here so they can be educated and play sports. So they’re giving their babies away to somebody who sometimes can be a complete stranger. I think that it’s so important that as the athletic director that I can relate to each student-athlete. They don’t just see me as a figure-head. They see me everyday out on the field, walking around, being a part. Because again, you can’t do it alone. These student athletes have to have someone they can count on.”

You can find the full interview with Jonathan Terrell in the video below.

Nicholls Athletic Director Jonathan Terrell

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