Nicondra: More flooding rains possible heading into the week

Plenty of moisture and a stalled boundary keep rain chance high

Sunday Night Weather

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The abundant moisture and a stalled frontal boundary caused very heavy rainfall in some locations once again on Sunday. Some homes were flooded in St. Charles Parish where rain reports showed more than 6 and a half inches of rain in some locations coming in about an hour and thirty minutes. St. Tammany Parish also experienced extensive street flooding Sunday.

The warm moist environment coupled with upper level energy, a stalled front and the heat of the day will allow for more efficient rain makers to develop Monday through Wednesday. All parts of the Fox 8 viewing area are vulnerable so pay attention as skies darken. Storms are quickly producing several inches or rain leading to isolated areas of flooding.

The pleasant trade off is slightly less hot conditions during the day. High temperatures will remain in the low 90s.

Tropical Depression 5 is moving off towards the North Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center is keeping watch on a low attempting to form just off the Gulf Coast. This system moves northeast over land and has better potential for true tropical development once it reemerges over the Atlantic off the East Coast.

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