St. Charles Parish residents seek answers after flooding persists

Flooded homes in St. Charles Parish

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some Destrehan residents say regular flooding is starting to take a toll on them. And it’s not just their property they’re worried about.

The area around Ormond Boulevard is known to flood but neighbors say it’s worsened over the past three or four years.

According to weather reports, a deluge brought seven inches of rain into this neighborhood Sunday afternoon, flooding streets, homes and vehicles.

Destrehan residents confronted Parish President Matthew Jewell along Ormond Boulevard on Sunday. The Parish president insists he’s working hard to remedy the problem, but residents say it’s not happening fast enough.

For some of these Ormond Plantation Estates residents, it’s the second time they’ve flooded this year. For others, it’s the third time in 18 months.

“We threw out two-thirds of what we own the first time on May 14 and what we had left is in the pod. It’s wet,” a resident said.

“We just finished the sheetrock. Now guess what I get to do? Tear it all out again. I thought I’d be in my house in a month. Now I don’t even wanna buy furniture to put in the house,” another resident added.

The Parish president spoke to residents as he assessed flooding in the area. He tells us he’s well aware of the problem and working tirelessly to fix it.

“We’re doing everything we can to push as fast as we can to get this done. I’m going to work with the railroad to see if we can put temporary pumps along the railroad tracks but I want to see if that would even be a solution that helps,” Jewell said.

Jewell says the process takes longer because the real issue lies on the railroad’s land.

Jewell says the greatest challenge is directing the water from the neighborhood into a catch basin, under the railroad tracks and to a pump station.

Right now, he says the culverts used as drainage beneath those tracks are too small.

“It’s clear when we have these high intensity rainfall is, we cannot move this water fast enough and that’s what we’re aiming to fix,” Jewell said.

Jewell says the parish has identified at least eight projects which will have to go through the council due to budgetary requirements.

Tomorrow, the council is set to consider Jewell’s proposed moratorium on new construction of major subdivisions, something he says has a detrimental impact on existing residents in many neighborhoods.

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