Woman arrested after allegedly brandishing gun at people driving through flooded neighborhood

Bridgette Digerolamo, DOB: 2/1/1982
Bridgette Digerolamo, DOB: 2/1/1982(EBRSO)
Updated: Jul. 7, 2020 at 4:51 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A woman is under arrest after allegedly brandishing a gun at people driving by because she says they were pushing water into her home during some flooding in the Baton Rouge area on Monday, July 6.

According to the arrest report from the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office, deputies were sent out to Confederate Avenue around 11 a.m. after the victims claim they were driving down the street when a woman emerged from a house with a baseball bat yelling, “Turn the f*** around, you’re causing my house to flood.”

Video of the incident was recorded by Demetra Louis’ daughter. It shows four minutes of chaos as the woman allegedly pulled that gun on her family in the Shenandoah area.

It was raining buckets when Lewis says her family was driving through their own neighborhood to get home. When they got to Confederate Avenue, that's when she says everything went south.

“She came to our vehicle and she started yelling and screaming at us,” Louis said.

LANGUAGE WARNING: There is graphic language in this video below that could be considered offensive to some viewers.

When they kept going, she says the woman hit their truck with a bat. When Louis got out to see if there was any damage, that’s when she says the woman went back in her house and came out with the gun.

“I’m almost 50-years-old and I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life,” said Louis.

Lewis tells WAFB she cannot help but wonder why her family was singled out by the woman. They have been living in the neighborhood for about 12 years now and she says other drivers passed by the woman’s house as well, but nobody else was stopped.

“I try not to make things about race, but it’s hard to put it out of your mind. Immediately, it came across to me as if I could go another way or I don’t live here, but I do live here. I needed to get on this street to get to my house,” said Louis.

Bridgette Digerolamo, 38, was arrested and faces an aggravated assault with a firearm charge. When questioned about what happened, the arrest report states she told deputies she feared for her life and that of her child. Lewis calls that impossible.

“She chose to come outside her house with a baseball bat and then go in her house and get a gun, so nowhere was her life ever threatened,” said Louis. “Our lives were threatened.”

While Louis understands the concern about homes flooding in the area, she says there’s no excuse for how the woman acted.

“I know it can be upsetting to have your house flood. I have friends who went through that, but there are ways to handle certain situations,” she added.

The victims left the area and called police, the report states. They also provided police with the video of the incident, which reportedly showed Digerolamo brandishing the gun at them.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System confirmed Digerolamo is employed with the school system as an employee at Broadmoor Elementary School.

In a statement released to WAFB Tuesday, July 7, a school system spokesperson confirmed an investigation of the incident was launched.

Read the statement below:

“The East Baton Rouge Parish School System is aware of an incident that occurred Monday, July 6, involving an employee. Per district policy, we are conducting an investigation of this incident and, following completion of the investigation, will make a final determination pursuant to district policies and procedures.”

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