Testing facilities seeing increases, capacity limits

Private Testing Options

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - While it’s an empty garage now, CrescentCare health center says that wasn’t the case earlier.

“Today was our busiest day yet we saw 200 patients so we are seeing even more than some of the city sites,” said Dr. Jason Halperin.

In March and April, Halperin says they were testing anywhere from 30 to 50 people a day. But with more than 200 people who waited in line, Halperin says it’s almost a direct correlation to how the city testing sites continue to max out.

“Beginning in June and now heading into July we’re back a higher than 10% positivity and we are seeing a massive increase in people wanting to be tested… we’re all in this together we didn’t expect this volume but we’ve got a step up to the plate and be there for everyone in the city,” Halperin said.

Regardless of what kind of provider does your testing, it’ll take some time to get results back from private locations and other agencies have to send samples off to the labs for testing.

“So we are seeing up to 4 to 7 day results for our tests we were getting them back in two days a couple months ago so we’re seeing those changes,” said Halperin.

“With cases increasing we’ve also seen increased demand for testing and Health Department aware of getting results slowly to those tested,” said Governor John Bel Edwards.

Edwards saying that compared to March, the whole state is now seeing a surge in cases which is problematic in securing more federal testing supplies and resources.

“Today, the limiting factor is the availability of reagent in the commercial labs, and because reagent isn’t in the commercial labs in the amount necessary those labs can’t process timely and report back the results they’re seeing,” said Edwards.

Prepared for busier days ahead, Halperin also hopes it’s an opportunity to help more people understand exactly what’s at stake.

“When you consider what more we can do so we don’t have to go backwards it’s face-covering the data is overwhelming,” said Halperin.

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